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October 19, 2016

  • Created on Wednesday, 19 October 2016 20:46
  • Published on Wednesday, 19 October 2016 20:46
  • Written by Punyatma Sharan, Founder/CEO - PolityIndia.Com, has a BA (Political Science) from India and MBA (Finance) from USA.

A lot of discussion and debate is going on regarding Karan Johar's upcoming movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil...He has come out and said that he would never hire an actor from Pakistan again...I do not support MNS threat to the release of the movie...They are not the yardstick of Nationalism or Patriotism...All the political parties try to milk the situation to their advantage...I also feel that this goes beyond MNS or for that matter any political party...We are in an undeclared war with Pakistan...The attacks in Pathankot and Uri has left a very bad taste in our mouth...I have said this before and I am saying it again...Their is no room for either cricket or cultural diplomacy between the two countries anymore...That ship has sailed...
Karan Johar is in the business of making movies to make money...He makes romantic movies and sells dream to the public...He is not Manoj Kumar who made movies with a social message...He wants the movie to be released so that he can recoup his investments...He is saying that the relations between the two countries was good when he launched the movie...He also has to realise that there have been many cases when the market condition changes between the time the product is in its inception stage and the time it is launched in the market...As a businessman, he should understand the concept of market risk...His movie could become a collateral damage of the situation...The sentiments in the country are very much against Pakistan and for a very good reason...I hope that I am right when I say that the country has nothing against Karan Johar...It is the SYMBOLISM of anti-Pakistan sentiments which is dominating this issue...   


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