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phoneA lot of people complain that after the elections are over, it becomes very tough, if not impossible, to get in touch with the sitting MPs of their constituency. Many MPs, after winning elections, feel that their job is done. Instead, they should feel that after the results are declared and they become the Honourable Member of Parliament, their real job has just begun - serving the people of their constituency and debating/voting on major issues in the Parliament.

If the voting public does not remind them of their responsibilities, a lot of them live in their own little bubble devoid of any sense of commitment towards their electorate.
It is imperative on the part of the public to convey their feelings to their MP's on major issues. Public participation is a requirement for a healthy and a vibrant democracy. Their salary and perks are paid by taxpayers' money. In other words, they work for the people and are accountable to us.
Please call, send letters/email to your Member of Parliament:



Pranab Mukherjee (born 11 December, 1935) is the 13th President of the Republic of India. He was sworn in as President of India on 25 July, 2012 succeeding Pratibha Patil.


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narendra modi

Narendra Modi (born 17 September, 1950) is the 15th Prime Minister of the Republic of India. He was sworn in as the Prime Minister on 26 May, 2014 succeeding Dr Manmohan Singh.


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